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I was on facebook today and I came across this:


The hell???

Full article at Jezebel under JC Penny ‘Too Pretty for Homework’ Shirt a steal at $9.99


Offensive to me because I was never able to get enough positive affirmation as a small child based on “cuteness,” so I developed a really cutthroat competitiveness which centred around trying to beat everyone else academically.  I’m now glad I was never that girl who needed to be “cute” because it forced me to develop a lot of other parts of myself and to learn to tie work to achievement.  And clearly, I’ve grown into the way I look over time 😛


Anyways, they always catch me with those catchy article titles in the “related links” section, and so I found this!

Sexist Women like Pickup Artists 


Okay, what is this PUA thing?  Is it some secret society?  Anywho, the article discusses the vulnerability of women who buy into sexist notions about how men should treat women, dominance, chivalry, etc.    Apparently women whose views indicate a higher degree of sexism are more vulnerable to pick-up artist techniques.  Those men who are more likely to use these techniques also exhibit a greater degree of sexist views, which means that the inevitable conclusion is that the women who are more likely to be coerced or experience assault are also the most likely to blame themselves.


There’s a little quiz linked to the story hosted by the Social Psychology Network, called the Ambivalent Sexism Inventory (you can take it! Fun for the whole family!).

It measures two kinds of sexism: Benevolent (aka “men should protect women” and “old school chivalry”) as well as Hostile (aka “women-hate”).  I’m actually really glad it acknowledges the difference between the two, because it is entirely frustrating when people think I should feel grateful in real life when they treat me like a helpless child.  This includes and is not limited to things like opening jars I was in the process of opening myself (boxing gives you guns, so get out my way, foo!) or trying to patronize me by explaining things I already understand, or telling me that something is “for my own good”.


My scores, on a five point scale (5 being most sexist) are:

Hostile Score: 0.82

Benevolent Score: 1.18

Data from this Web Site

Your HS Score: 0.82

Average Female HS Score: 2.05

Average Male HS Score: 2.74

Your BS Score: 1.18

Average Female BS Score: 2.68

Average Male BS Score: 2.96

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The Death of HST

Democracy reminds me of how incredibly short-sighted and foolish voters can be.  Wow.  HST is gone and replaced with a more inefficient tax while other provinces continue forward with their more competitive VAT systems.  Also, we will have to repay the feds.  I can’t wait to watch from afar as BC is flushed down the economic toilet in the next ten years.


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When I was in high school, I went through this existential crisis for a period of about a year.  I had no idea what the point of living was supposed to be.  In that period, a classmate who shall remain unnamed unloaded a pile of books on Christianity unto my proverbial lap and told me to get reading.  After a period of about three years of trying to get into it, all that work was quickly undone by the work of Tetsuro, whose lack of knowledge about anything science related (and subsequent blame on the philosophy of his Christian school upbringing) convinced me that Christianity was something for which I had no stomach.  A weak excuse, I am aware, but still something that stuck with me.  I’m still a wandering soul.

One of the major arguments in the books was that without Christ, people had no moral code by which to live, since cultural notions of right and wrong are so variant across time and geography.  I didn’t really make the connection between that argument and my current conclusions until much later, which is that without a stated moral code, are atheists really doomed to live a directionless existence?

In boxing class, one of my fellow trainees was talking about a business deal that just went horribly wrong, how jaded people are in the industry, how eager they are to trample over their peers to make a buck.  He described how he felt like he was living in a world with no rules, where if he were to follow his own moral conscience, it would be the equivalent of sucking through the proverbial exhaust pipe of humanity’s garbage and swallowing all the waste that comes with being proverbially sodomized by bandits.  I am using more colourful imagery, mind you.

This is kind of also driven by my recent foray into an industry I consider purely hedonistic.  The restaurant industry in Vancouver is driven by clients who spend too much money on enjoyment and too little time thinking about what they are doing.  I’ll admit, I’ve had more alcohol in the last two months than I have consumed in the prior eight combined.  I’ve also had more fun.  And then a friend sent me my old Tedx Talk on deforestation in developing countries and said, of the speaker,

Haven’t seen her in ages… I think she voluntarily immersed herself in hairspray, and how all she can do is talk about Cosmopolitan.

Ouch, a joke (I don’t talk about hairspray or read Cosmo) but the sentiment was felt, and I have definitely seen a bit of a change in my daily routine.

When there’s no God character playing referee, how are we to maintain any sense of integrity in our lives?  Does it even matter if I veer “off-track”?  Whose keeping score anyhow?

Sometimes I feel like the world is one giant experiment in game theory for all irreligious and culturally religious people.  You “gain” in a selfish sense by buying into a certain cut-throat set of values, or we can all collectively choose a more noble option and prosper.  Too bad most of us choose option a.

I may also be taking this too seriously.  After all, plenty of religious folk still live their private lives in the absence or a moral referee, or worse, use one as a justification for things that I’d consider wrong.  Like that guy who killed an abortion doctor.

The only reason I’ve started wondering this is because I’ve grown plainly comfortable in my summer of working and drinking.  You can probably tell that I’ve been reading a lot less, definitely writing less, and probably thinking a lot less.  It wasn’t until we finished shooting Tiananmen square that I even remembered the kind of person I used to be.  I felt inspired by the possibility of making more videos, about starting a whole genre where art and politics could coexist through a form of striptease that has become quite boring and commercial.  I came home and read articles about wars, drones, Europe, the ME, stuff that used to be my bread and butter.  I mentioned Jack Layton’s death and how devastating it was to Tetsuro and he apparently thought to himself, the old Gu still lives.

the full video will be on Youtube at "shiggytv" when I am back from China

Maybe a break from work will be good for me.  But how do I prevent it from happening again?  And instead of simply moving into a world of plain old narcisissm, what’s to stop me from completely selling out to some darker values later on?  What’s to stop me from pursuing a career in a field that will screw other people over?

For once, I feel the complete absence of a referee.  I feel like my actions and decisions will not earn me any consequence, because I now feel, strongly, the absence of an afterlife.  A place where the score is settled.

And that is terrifying.

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Layton loses battle with cancer.


“The only inspired leader in Canadian politics.”

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On Tuesday at work, a few of the girls were super upset about a few guests at one particular table.  There were two women and a stroller with a child that was still under the age of one.  The women strolled in at about 11:45? and ordered a few bellinis, and then the mother proceeded to breastfeed her kid.

We all silently freaked out in the back (including me, because I’ll admit, I had no idea if alcohol traveled into breastmilk, to what extent or how quickly).  But according to my extremely thorough four second google search, it’s actually not as bad as I originally thought, with the jury out and most sources concluding that moderate alcohol consumption doesn’t affect breastmilk to any noticeable degree.

S was adamant that such behaviour should be made illegal, but I’m not so sure.  I’m not even sure if it should be illegal for pregnant women to drink.  I feel the same level of outrage when I see parents pushing strollers around with overweight toddlers, clutching large paper bags of McDonald’s french fries.  But I don’t for one second question the legality of their choices, however poor and reprehensible for the child.   This goes back to my belief that the law shouldn’t be written to impose a specific moral code upon people, which would be the case if “good” parenting were enforced.  It should be to ensure the efficient functioning of society.  For the most part, individuals already have an incentive to raise children to be successful on their own, and any laws that are created to regulate parenting, to make parents “better” (aside from obvious laws that are directly tied to abuse and the harm of others), would only lead to more inefficiencies in the long run.   Whose to say that what good parenting is, anyhow?

I recall a quote that went something along the lines of “everyone inherits some kind of deep childhood trauma inflicted by their parents.” Maybe I just tell myself that to feel better.

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Shoe Shopping

I’m trying really hard to avoid buying accessories that contain feathers.  I don’t know why, but the entire idea just sounds offensive.

There’s also some bizarre trend with cultural appropriation right now of shoes and feathers.  Have you seen these around???

O Hell No.

I’m a little horrified.  I’m also a little paranoid whenever I buy jewellery since I worry that someone will recognize it as an obscure attack on an oppressed people and I will have no idea.  Hence avoiding all feathers altogether.

But then it got me thinking.  What constitutes the line in terms of offensive cultural appropriation for the sake of some meaningless fashion trend?  If people started walking around with chopsticks in their hair, I’d be offended, but would I also be offended if they wore forks? Or spoons?  Steak knives?

An then the last stop on this train ends with a rant about one of the things that drives me nuts.  Tattoos in other languages.  ESPECIALLY CHINESE CHARACTERS.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  Even my friends are guilty of this.  I will not name names.   If it doesn’t sound good enough to be inked into your flesh in English, then why the fuck would you get it inked in a language to which you have no connection?

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We are shooting “Quest for Rice” tomorrow, which involves setting up a small cave area in Stanley Park.



Then we started talking about getting a faggot of sticks for the scene, conversation derailed into David Howard’s 1999 use of the word “niggardly” (which means, stingy, but you knew that) and, well, here’s an ode to words that are often misinterpreted because they sound offensive or dirty.

Thanks Yankee Pot Roast!You can find the full post below:

11 Words that Sound Offensive, but Aren’t

Read the tiny description of Adam Laceky at the bottom for a sample of his grasp of the English language.



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