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Because American elections make me sooooo insane.  Here’s a video in layman’s terms.

Women’s Health Experts Speak Out

Also, on a related note, remember that post I made about The Bechdel Test last year? Someone applied it to the Academy Awards and here’s the result:


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The Dark Stuff

Have some time on your hands?  Here’s a read by the economist about how scientists are trying to confirm that the universe is expanding at a faster and faster rate ( it’s a long read if you, like me, have no physics background, be warned!)

The Dark Side of the Universe

The curious thing I got out of it was about the cosmological constant that Einstein erroneously placed in his first draft of the Theory of Relativity because he wanted to make the assumption that the universe is stationary (neither growing nor shrinking).  He later took it out and regretted ever putting it in there, but from the books I read when I was a teenager on Christianity and God creating the universe, the authors always explicitly stated that this was due to Einstein’s own atheism and his denial of the beginning of an existence.  There’s none of that mentioned in the article, nor in Wikipedia, and so now I’m starting to question who is making the omission here.  Was this a case of Christianity inserting itself into matters where it does not belong or of physicists who came after Einstein rewriting his history to make it more secular?

Either way, it now looks like the cosmological constant itself wasn’t such a mistake, he might have been onto something?  I’m very confused.

Another post on dark matter from Wired:

Dark Energy could be Einstein’s Cosmological Constant

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Just, check it out.

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This week I’ve been feeling super frustrated with some of the feedback I’ve been getting on our Youtube videos, mainly because people are so irrationally stubborn and ideological in their statements, on top of being kind of an offensive opinion to me.  I’m not an expert on anything, but for some reason, internet forums turn your everyday Joe into some kind of a foreign policy, economics, and sociology wiz.

On that note, I’m a strong believer that you need to hold your opinions strongly, but be flexible to hearing the validity on opposing arguments.  I mean, that’s how progress is achieved, right?  I believe certain things, but over time, my opinions change based on incoming information.  There’s no core value of mine that I’d hold steadfastly in the face of overwhelming opposing evidence.   On that note, a great article came up in the economist.  I’m all for it because my opinions on abortion, death penalty, weed, gay marriage, match those of the author, but the exercise is neat regardless.  As yourself, “what would it take, information or statistics wise, to make me change my mind about something?”


Empiricism in Politics: On Opinions Beyond the Reach of Data

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