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Coke’s Karmic Points

There’s an ad for Coca Cola about how they are donating money to help fund community grants.  The ad involves a lot of young “urban-y” (whatever that means) looking people doing lots of interesting breakdancing spins, supposedly the result of Coke’s community support.  Then they unleash the numbers: $10 million over ten years. That’s a million dollars a year, and I don’t even know if that includes an adjustment for inflation yet.  For one of the largest companies in the entire world, this is kind of chump change.  They might actually be spending more money on the ad campaign itself than on the grants.

Lots of the work I did at the NFB around the Pink Ribbons film involves companies spending more money on advertising their charity work than actually doing it.  The question is, as a consumer, do you notice how much of your purchasing behaviour is affected by the size of a company’s donation?  Or is it simply all the same?  I’m asking because I honestly don’t know.

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Yippee!!! Into the MPA in Public and Economic Policy.

I’m in!  Starting in September, I’ll be in the UK surrounded by new ideas, people and a new adventure.


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