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I’ve been in and out of hospitals and doctor’s offices recently with a string of bad luck with some sports injuries and a UTI.  Last time I went in, the nurse was taking my blood pressure and noticed a purple spot from jiu jitsu on my arm, and pointed accusingly at it, “What’s this???”  I’m sure the truth is a lot more insidious looking and less funny than it actually is.

Anyways, on to the story that I was forwarded from the AAM.

Asian Women Pay the Price for Lurid Rumors about actress Zhang Ziyi. 

The comments on the post are (somewhat expectedly) mind-numbingly stupid.  Many assume that the rumor is true and accuse the writer of labelling other women prostitutes (exactly the opposite of the point he’s trying to make), a few attest to how docile and obedient Asians are as wives, which is kind of the thinking that will allows people to justify domestic violence (because who are they going to tell?).

The comments on Angry Asian Man aren’t that much better, one listing other Asian women who have been accused of the same thing (because I guess then it must be true?) and one that says she deserves it and one that claims Asian women are known for nothing but the way they look.  It’s pretty depressing to know that so many different demographics on the internet view you in such a derogatory way for so many different reasons, and Jeff is pretty much the only one who has a balanced, insightful view (and yet he’s being vilified).


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