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Playoffs ended in another shellacking and an amazing performance by the star of the Bruins, Tim Thomas.  I’d hate that man so much, if he weren’t also so awesome and so nice in his post-game interviews.   It was so painful to watch our boys, esp Ryan “heart of a lion” Kesler, clearly on the brink of tears after months of hard work and determination, come within one game of winning it all.  I wanted to leave immediately.

I could also smell the agitation in the air, something that had nothing to do with the embarrassment that was on the large jumbo screens.  In an creepy way, related to my previous post about Lara Logan, the crowd of hundreds of thousands that I celebrated with on so many nights decided to pay ugly homage to mob anger.  Except, unlike rioting all over the world, this time it was aimed at something so stupid and banal I’m willing to recognize that hockey is just a game.  And I breathe hockey.

There was assaults.  A guy fell off the viaduct.  Car flipping.  Things being set on fire.  Looting.  Hospitals were on code orange.  General vandalism.  Stabbing victims.  Things being set on fire.  Did I mention that people set things on fire for the sake of setting them on fire?

At the time, I was nervous, so I started walking south, and within three minutes, would look back to see billows of black smoke, no doubt from a car being torched.  I didn’t take a picture, I just kept walking.  Tetsuro didn’t.  He’s batshit crazy.

After a few hours and a few cocktails, my curiosity bested me and Mario and I walked through downtown at 11:00 pm.  It was like a zombie wasteland.

The next day, the entire city woke up from its hangover.  There were some bright spots: people did go downtown as early as 7:00 am to help clean up the trash and glass strewn across our beautiful streets.  Those people are amazing.  I’d bet money that those people are also probably not the same people who caused the damage.

Condemnation was thrown around at the minority of hooligans who were causing trouble.  And there truly were people who showed up with gasmasks, molotov cocktails, weapons and bandannas, ready to stir shit up.  But we need to recognize that all of us, including me, had a part in the way the night unfolded.

Psychology tells us that mob mentality will reveal the ugliest parts of human nature.  It is easy for normal, average, nice Canadians to get pulled into the frenzy when someone has already flipped a car.  It won’t matter if I kick that car, someone flipped it.  Hey, that guy kicked the car, I’ll take my hockey stick to the windshield.  Hey, that guy smashed the windshield, I’ll jump on top and do a stupid little jig.   Mob mentality is well documented and has caused many normal, rational people to do inexplicable things.  Anonymity seems to dissipate people’s fears of consequences.  Remember all the reports of assaults at Woodstock 1999?  Would the attackers have done the same thing if they were not being openly egged on?

So while there were some idiots, we all had our small part in this.  No one is above an apology, not even me.  I can’t stand here and criticize those who joined in, because doing so would be to deny a part of my nature that is not beyond reproach.  I, like the rest of the city, have the potential to expose the uglier parts of humanity.  I may not have stood on a car or flipped it (who are we kidding here? I can’t lift shit) but I might have stood there, cheered, took pictures, or otherwise been part of the tacit approval of the havoc.  I don’t know if I would have been above that, and that is a scary thought.

One of the books I remember reading in high school was Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse.  In it, our protagonist takes a journey where he goes from seeking spiritual enlightenment, to all things worldly.  He comes back around, but in the process realizes that in all of us is the potential for us to become what we hate.  That Hesse was a smart man.

We are all Canucks.  But in a similar fashion, we are all made of the same weaknesses.


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It’s sad because it is true.

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San Jose vs. Vancouver.  Sharks vs. Orcas.  But who will win this playoff round?  Let’s look to nature for some answers.

It seems that the mammalian brain has once again found a way to use science to its advantage.  GO CANUCKS GO!

Speaking of Canucks/Sharks, I swear I saw Christian Ehrhoff today on the street.  He was  . . . very tall.  And beautiful.  At least I think it was him.  Either way, my jaw dropped for a good five seconds and before I could pick it up he was gone.

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Looks totally normal.  Facebook, youtube, gmail, some websites for orgs I work for.  Flight deal websites.

I can't get rid of him

And then there’s the image in the top right corner.  I wikipedia Jonathan Toews too much.  Specifically, pictures of him.  This is hilarious, and now I have no way to get rid of it.

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First NHL Game. Check.

Tickets booked to Banana 2 Conference.  Check.

Filming in motion for a set of Mac/PC ad spoofs.  Check.

Subjects for a calendar project lined up. Check.

Interview for a part-time job??? Check.

Sunshine????? Check.

Life is starting to not suck again.

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So cute.  ❤

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Head Over Heels

I’m sorry, I won’t do this often.  This is another one of those posts about hockey.

But I’m a real kinetophile.  If that isn’t a word, I’m inventing it.  If it is, I’m redefining it.

There cannot be enough of an emphasis on the beauty and power of human movement.  When I was a student, I used to get a lot of kicks out of playing, rewinding, replaying small sections of Woo Ping movies (esp the matrix).

Keith Ballard is the king of hip checks, and he delivers a real beauty here.  I think I’ve watched it over 100 times now.

The physics of moving in one direction, throwing your weight in the other while continuing to move in the first direction is just mind-boggling.

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